Copying at 48x with two alcohol and two cdrom

I used nero with multiple recorders but it took like 7 minutes to make only two copies with two CDROMs … too slow for me
then I started to use alcohol win ramdisk
I make an image in RAMDISK and use two alcohol programs to write two CDROMs then I notice the speed 48x and 52x that means 2 disk in lesss than 3 minutes

I’m going to use 3 CDROMs
could be there any problem with that?

I have 1.5 Gb in ram
I have beeing copying at 52x with an CDROM LG-52x and at 48x with DVDROM LG-48x at the same time
I use a ramdisk of 825Mb

another question?
Does anyone knows a program than can have a big cache of 800Mb on RAM and allow the use of muliple recorders that will be even faster

one think than enterprises haven’t notice is that reading and writing at the same time is slow too much work for CPU and FSB

only reading or writing is fast!!! no work for CPU everything is made on FSB
any comment about this?