Copying a scratched cd?



i purchased a used version of street fighter alpha 3 for psx. it works fine in my playstation and in my computer if i emulate it.

i made an image but it’s messed up. i’ve try’d this in clone cd with the advise from psx clony. it works but the controller (liang 8 button super pad) works poorly. i think it has something to do with the scratches. can anyone recommend settings for my software that could copy this game properly into an image?

i have clone cd, cdrwin and nero. i have a 44x atapi cdrom drive and a 24x6x4x cdrw drive.

btw - there is nothing wrong with the controller. it works fine when playing from the cd and it’s not my emulators.


What you can try is using your CDRW as a reader to read the disc with CloneCD selecting Subchannel data to be read/writen from all tracks and then burn it with the same drive!!


On the mainpage there was an article once about recovering data from damaged CDs. Don’t know if that will help in your case, but it never hurts to give it a shot.

Other than that, I have no idea (not my field of expertise)


maybe a little bit odd but sometimes when I’m unable to read a cd I use copperpolish to fill up the scratches…:slight_smile:
After that it works fine…


With CloneCD, if you select the ‘make image’ button, select every box EXCEPT the ‘Don’t report read errors’ box, then you can copy 99% of CDs providing that you use your writer as a reader…writers are much better readers than any cd-rom…Usually the slower that you read and write, the more accurate are your results…I use 2x for everything…I hope this helps…