Copying a really messed up CD

I have a copy of a playstation CD, Vagrant Story, it used to work fine, but now its been scracthed somewhere in the area of where some of the first data read is. While the game is booting it displays the now loading screen, but is won’t go any farther, on my PSX or on an emulator.
Is there a way I can copy the data off the CD without copying the errors, and get it working properly again?

did you try cdwrin?? it used to be good with psx games
You can play with;
-read retry count, and
-error recovery

and read it at the lowest spead possible…

Assuming that the psx game is unprotected, try making an image with blindread using nibble mode (save in bin/cue format). Be warned, since the cd, obviously, is physically damaged, this will probably take a long time (possibly several hours depending on the extent of the damage).

Once blindread has made the image, burn it with cue sheet burning program of your choice (e.g. blindwrite, cdmate, cdrwin, fireburner or nero). When burning do not use a raw mode as that will just duplicate the errors. If using blindwrite or fireburner (my preferred choice) use sao cooked.

This method will produce an error free copy of your original cd which should work (so long as you have a mod chip).

ive heard of either taxmans or gamefreaks blindread lasting for over 2 -3 days…make yourself VERY comfortable.

clone cd, with the regenerate data option enabled may help…i am not familiar with the option, futureproof spoke about it in a previous thread…you could try asking about it in the clone CD forum…AFTER (of course) you use the search function. :cool: