Copying a PS2 Backup Game

My friend has a slim ps2, he plays backup games with his console without a problem. I have the same ps2 that he got because i purchased mine from the same store where he bought his. I’m planning to borrow some of his PS2 backups and do a copy so i could play anytime in my home. It’s working on his console so that means the dvdgame works. So how am i supposed to copy the backed up ps2 games? what are the best softwares out there to do a perfect copy? I got the latest NERO Startsmart, Alcohol 120%, are there any others?

I got an idea but i dont think it’ll work, is it possible that i’ll just back up the dvd using Alcohol 120%, Select playstation 2 as for the type of the dvd, save the image file on my hard disk, then using alcohol 120% again to burn the image on another blank dvdr? Will my idea work? are there any disadvantages… im not copying an original ps2 dvd game, im just copying a backed up ps2 dvd game… tnx…

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You can not play backed-up games without a modification to your console here is a great thread on this subject

but i was able to play pirated dvd games on my ps2, and i bought it modded already… modded means there’s a modchip ryt? tnx…

Rip as an ISO to your HDD using DVD Decrypter then burn your ISO back to DVD-R using DVD Decrypter. That’s all you need to know. :wink:

Tnx man, i’ll try that soon… DVD Decrypter sounds like a very useful freeware… tnx…

One last thing, note that DVD Decrypter is quite hard to download from download sites these days. This is because the authors who made the software have basically been shut down. Only a handful of download sites still host the DVD Decrypter installer.

The new version of DVD Decrypter is now called ImgBurn which is basically DVD Decrypter but without the DVD ripping capabilities.

If you can’t find anyone hosting DVD Decrypter, then I could give you the installer myself as I still have it on my HDD. :wink:

Actually it is pretty easy to find DVD Decrypter from a pretty well known site. It should easily come up with google.

i was able to download a DVD Decrypter, the filename is “DVDFabDecrypter3050”, is it the right one? tnx…

No, that’s DVD Fab Decrypter. :disagree:

DVD Fab Decrypter is used for ripping DVDs that DVD Decrypter can’t rip due to extra or newer copy protection being enabled on the DVD.

I don’t know how DVD Fab Decrypter works when ripping PS2 games. I’m not even sure if it can handle PS2 games - full stop, which is why I recommended using DVD Decrypter in the first place.

If you can’t find DVD Decrypter on the web then I can give the installer to you myself. :wink:

Ok, who made DVD Decrypter anyway? Who’s the author of the freeware?

ei soneman, could you send me your dvd decrypter installer? i’m having a hard time looking for that rare exe file… send it to my email., tnx man…

Yes, it is really hard… :doh:

google for dvddecrypter. 1st hit is hxxp://

Really, how much time did you spend on this “hard task” ??? :sad:

tnx man, not really hard but all that i downloaded and searched on google was like the DVD Fab thing, tnx i got ur site… its helpful, and i got DVD Decrypter, the final version… the legendary ripper… tnx… :slight_smile:

any1 here can plz tell me that if i have a ps2 game of89 mb dwnloaded in my comp.
can i burn it to [B][I][U]cd-r[/U][/I][/B]
using alcohol120% or imgburn

if sum1 want imgburn or dvd decrypter
u can download it from FILEHIPPO.COM
its best

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[QUOTE=knightteaser;2274392]any1 here can plz tell me that if i have a ps2 game of89 mb dwnloaded in my comp.
can i burn it to [B][I][U]cd-r[/U][/I][/B]
using alcohol120% or imgburn[/QUOTE]

It depends on the media information encoded into the game. PS2 games have a flag which tells the PS2 what media the game can run from. If that is set to CD-ROM then you can easily burn this to a CD-R. But sometimes small games like that also are from DVD-ROM and so that if you burn it to a CD-R the game won’t work as the flag tells the PS2 that the media should be DVD-ROM. Google for more info for that game, if the original media was CD-ROM then use CD-R, if it was DVD-ROM then use DVD+/-R.

/of course you still need some kind of method to boot backups, like a modchip or a swapmagic alike/

regards, Stephen

gr8 info U_N_S97
can u plz find me that what media does game [B][I][U]HAMSTER HEROES[/U][/I][/B] have
[B][I][U]its below100mb[/U][/I][/B]

[QUOTE=knightteaser;2274586]gr8 info U_N_S97
can u plz find me that what media does game [B][I][U]HAMSTER HEROES[/U][/I][/B] have
[B][I][U]its below100mb[/U][/I][/B][/QUOTE]

It’s a CD-ROM based PS2 game. So you can burn it onto a CD-R. /any of the two programs you mentioned will do the job just fine…/

regards, Stephen

thanx [B][I]STEPHEN [/I][/B]
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quite informative!!!