Copying a original non stop mix album



Hi there
I would like to make a copy of a trance mix album i own, 20 tracks non stop mix, but when i burn the album onto cd every track has a short break in between and it spoils the cd, i want to make a non stop mix copy like the original one.
please can any one help
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Is this the same thread like before or very similar :confused:


I had the thread closed last time so changed it a bit


You wanna be a bit more careful…read the rules if it´s not clear what you can and can´t do. i.e. DON`T post such requests or “double” posts. The people here are very capable and willing to help if your request is kosher.

Try searching the forums.


There is a tutorial somehwere in this forum on how to burn a continuous mix by using Nero. Tried it myself once and it worked…it involves a bit of work, but it is possible.

Don’t know where the thread is exactly located, but perhaps you can find it using the search with keywords as “mix AND Nero AND gap”


Wasn’t it the thing with checking the box or option before burning no pause between tracks.


Much easier to copy with CloneCD.
CloneCD will make an exact copy without the pauses between the tracks.


In Nero “Audio cd” right click a track (or select all except #1. #1 needs a 2 sec pause) In properties set pause between tracks to 0 sec. There you go!

(I had two messed up cds with Nero Express a few years ago so i never touch that - only “real” Nero)


“…I downloaded from the net…” says it all…


[B]chef [/B]just try and relax :)your getting a bit stressed out M8 :). That was an old thread and it’s been closed. He read the rules and learnt his lesson. There are lots of [B] free[/B] songs to download from the net by armature artists and even some of the well known artist are releasing some of there songs free to download of there web site. Just try and relax be :slight_smile: and go with the flow and enjoy your self. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There is an old German saying [B] ‘ When in Rome do as the Romans do” [/B] :slight_smile:


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You can use TMPGEnc to combine all of the tracks into one. Just open up a random picture as a new video file, then change the audio source to the track you want. Then click on the encoding tab on top, choose avi, then on the side choose audio only, then it will encode all the audio files into one big ass file.


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Was thinking more along the lines of “small things amuse small minds”. This was a dodgy thread to begin with…and maybe should have been closed…check out his original!
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