Copying a movie wont work at all

hey ok i am in need of a bit of help here from you fine people on this forum, on saterday my dvd shrink was working 100% fine, then yesterday on sunday I went to try to copy a movie and it didn’t work, so i checked the speed, and set it to 8X and still didn’t work, then at 6X still didnt work, then i put it to 4X and it worked, but in my dvd player it will not read the disk and same with my comp dvd drive. also another thing i noticed when i go to select the location of were the temp files go, there is usally other movie files i have copyed then a line with the new movies name under it, but in this case that is not there! :confused: also when i went and double checked my burning speeds, the two boxes at the bottom of the box, the one for book type dvd-rom will be locked etc. any help would be great full! thanks Colin! and if in wrong part of the forum i am sorry!

Try CloneDVD and AnyDVD, both free trial software, first. THis will help track if it is a problem specific with dvd shrink. If I remember correctly it is not being updated, though I may be wrong, and it may be that the protection used on the DVD can’t be dealt with in DVD shrink.

well it seems to be working now :confused: but when i create an image of the movie and then try to copy it, then it doesnt work. but if i just copy it right from the cd it works fine. hmmmm odd. any one have any ideas on why copying from the image wont work?

oh also to note I am using a exteral burner, becaus i only own a laptop lol and it didn’t come with a dvd burner built in