Copying a movie with IFO codes

Hey guys i need help! I purchased the movie Saw III and when I try to burn it into my drive DVDFAB says that it was not able to read the disc. I have DVDFAB 3.0.5 and it says that it can break the IFO protection but it is not.
Any one knows a way arround this?

Thanking you in advance

See the thread for DVDFab beta. SAW-III cannot be decoded yet. Look for a new beta in a day or so. You should probably upgrade to a newer version anyway. There have been many new features and bug fixes since 3.0.5.x

Ifo files are not protected and can be copied using Windows Explorer. That is the files that fengtao requests people zip and email him when having problems. Fengtao is expecting to receive a Saw III DVD this weekend so hopefully he will have a fix soon. Fengtao lives in China, so he cannot just run down to local store and buy copies for all regions since there are different protections on this movie according to the Region. It is known that there at least 2 different releases of SAW III with each having a different protection on each. Watch for a new release in [B]Read First[/B] threads.


the lastest versions that I see to download is the one that I currently have 3.0.5 and it is the platinum edition. where can i find the newest version?

Hi I downloaded “SAW III” off of “BitComet” a couple of days ago and had no problems.If someone wants to tell me how to "zip and Email"it(in simple step by step directions)I have it on my hard drive.

Click here. And it can handle SAW-III now.