Copying a movie on bd-r dl...which folders to use

If I am copying an entire blu-ray backup (ripped to my HD using anydvd HD) to a bd-r dl disk, do I:

A) Simply burn the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders that were ripped on my hard drive to the blank bd-r dl

B) Use only the STREAM folder that was ripped to my HD and use all the other, original folders from the actual blu ray movie disk

Does this even matter? I just don’t want to waste a bd-r dl disk. Thanks.

Burn with Imgburn and use your “A” method.

Before you burn to the expensive BD-R DL, I’d recommend you test it first on BD-RE DL. Once you are confident that your burning methods and media chosen works fine on your player, you can start burning directly to BD-R DL.