Copying a movie backed up using DVD X copy

I have a bunch of my movies backed up from a while back. DVD X copy from 321 studios was used to do it. Now, I’m moving them all onto a server and I can’t copy them at all. They’re still playable, but Every ripping program I’ve tried to use has failed.

What can I use to recopy them?


There [I]“is”[/I] a reason but why even bother to figure it out?

Just re-rip your original DVD’s.


That is the only answer. I would do the same. Making a copy of a Backup from the old X-Copy program is not as easy as it sounds.

some of my originals were damaged during a move (never pay your friends in beer to help you move :wink: ).

I haven’t found much info on this searching the web, yet…

Thanks though.