Copying a Master

I’m trying to take Mastered DVD’s and copy them on my computer. My understanding is that the masters were done with Pinnical software. To this point I can get my copies to play on the computer but not on the set top box, which is where I ultimately want them used. The master shows up as a Logical Volume Identifier at the drive level. If I double click it I get an error message: Access to the specified device path, or file is denied. If I right click on it, I can open it. There is a folder named VIDEO_TS. When I open this I see all of the BUP, IFO and VOB extension files. From my research this looks correct. I have tried to burn to Maxell -R, and HP +R (RW), neither of which work.

I am using a computer with an Asus P4T533-C, 1gig 1066RDRAM, 2.26 533 P-4, Plextor PX708A, Seagate 36gig 10,000 rpm scsi160 drive for the video. I am using the Easy CD DVD creator that came with the drive. I have checked that UDMA is set, patched the easy CD DVD creator software, and updated firmware for the burner.

I am just trying to re-create these family movies which were mastered from VHS.

My questions are:

  1. Is something not getting transfered when copied to trigger the set top DVD player?
  2. Is Easy CD DVD creator not the software for doing something like this?
  3. Would I be better off if I bought another burner and trying copying from one burner to the other?
  4. I have also gotten at times in the process the error: Logical Block Address out of range 5/21/02. I see that this is a write error, but what does it really mean and how do I overcome this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


try using DVDDecripter to rip the disc contents to your harddrive. its a free program and very highly rated. just select ISO read then ISO right to copy the image back.

but the reasons you mite be having these troubles is the discs them selves, due to bad burns and/or poor quality discs.