Copying a dvd9 "movie only" without resampling

I have looked all over a number of forums for an answer to this but to no avail, so i wonder if any of you guys can help.

I want to make a dvd-r back up copy of the “movie only” from a dvd9 disk, where the movie is under 2 hours (so theoretically I should not have to downsample as the ‘movie only’ is short enough to fit on a dvd5 dvd-r).

I am guessing that I should rip the ‘movie only’ with a ripper like dvddecrypter then edit the ifo file, then burn.

If this is the way, how do I edit the ifo file?, is there a program that analysis the ripped movie only and automatically reedits/makes a new ifo file?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

It is a common misconception that the length (playing time) of a movie solely determines the amount of space it occupies on the disc.

While this factor obviously plays a part, (all other things being equal), the main determinant is the amount of compression used in creating the MPEG2 files that constitute the movie. If this were not the case, programs like DVD2One could not exist!

If you have the expertise, you could sum the sizes of the VOBs and IFOs, etc. used in the main title and, if the total is less than the space available on a DVD5, use the technique you’re proposing.

However, I’m guessing that you don’t have that expertise and I think you would be better served with something like DVD2One, which seems tailor made for your requirements. Note that DVD2One performs no unnecessary compressing, so if the movie alone will fit on a DVD5, it simply rearranges the files to enable you to do so without loss of quality.