Copying a DVD

Hi. Im another newbie to Dvd stuff. I just want to pull Dvds I have to my Computer. I pulled Blade with Dvd Shrink. It put it into a folder called Blade. I also have Nero which came with my Dvd Burner. All the files are read by Nero. My question is, is the DVD supposed to be broken down like that or is it supposed to be one big file? When you put a DVD on your harddrive what is it suppose to look like?

You will have two folders. One being Audio_TS and the other Video_TS. You can either drag and drop these folders into Nero when you select Data Diskā€¦ or if you select DVD from Nero it will already have created those folders for you and all you got to do is drag and drop the contents from the folders on your hard drive to the appropriate ones in Nero.