Copying a dvd

Do I need 2 dvd burners to copy a dvd or can I do it with just one?

Only one burner required. Copy/decrypt DVD to a folder, author decrypted files to
a second folder, burn authored files…

I’ve been using anydvd, combined with dvd shrink, which was then followed by nero, to copy dvd’s. I found one that would not copy, tho anydvd was at 5.631. I read that others had better luck using anydvd combined with dvdclone, so I downloaded clone, and it worked.

I’m happy, but curious.

How do they work differently?

What do you mean author the decripted files of a dvd?( to a second folder)

Is all this background stuff explained in a different thread?


I have no clue how to copy a DVD. I’ve tried it and gotten absolutely nowhere. After I rip it or whatever with DVDFab I have no clue what to do.

You’ll find it hard to get an answer to your question, as the experts here hear it everyday many times. If you search around, you will get a pretty clear answer what you need to do.

But since I have time, here is a simple explanation of what I do (but that doesn’t mean it is the best way of doing things).

AnyDVD from (install it, and it runs in the background)
CloneDVD from (install it, and use it to burn the DVD)

Insert your DVD into your DVD drive, open CloneDVD, and select “Clone DVD”. Then find the location of the DVD from the little bar on the top of the program. You can burn it to your hard drive and be able to view it on the hard drive, and burn it later by selecting DVD Files, or you can just save it to your drive by selecting the ISO/UDF Image (and possibly not be able to view it on your computer, and need to burn it onto a DVD before you can watch it).

If that doesn’t help, read the info on the CloneDVD website so you understand how the program works. This forum is full with tons of experts who really know their stuff- use the search :wink:

dvdshrink now decrypter in it u can open disc from drive then press back up