Copying a DVD+R to DVD-R

I have a DVD+R disk but my DVDPlayer, Sony Cinema System, under my TV does not play DVD+Rs or DVD-ROM disks. I have two DVD burners in my PC and before I create a number of coasters can someone please advise if I can do a disk to disk copy from the +R disk to a blank -R disk and end up with a “-R” burnt disk that will play on my DVD player ?

I have a number of copy programs and tend to use DVD clone or Nero

Create an image of the source disk then burn it on to -R.

Should always work fine.

Thanks Chef.

Interestingly enough I did that using DVD shrink and it worked fine. Tiny bit long winded but if it guarantees a good result then I don’t mind that. Hoping for a quicker solution but you can’t have everything…

Didn’t think I could just do a copy as I presume I would just end up with a “+R” disk from a -R blank, if you know what I mean…

If your setup allows it, you can continue to use DVD+R providing you change the booktype of the disc.
Bitsetting depends on your drive and burning software and will make the player to “see” the disc as if it were a DVD-Rom (or DVD-Video).
THe way chef indicated to you is the safe procedure to do the copy, but at the end the “minus” and the “plus” are just the material support and what you copy are the files, so you can’t turn a -R to a +R.
However, if you try to make a raw copy you can eventually get problems as the structure (file keeping wise) of the medias is dif.

If the source disk is a +R disk then just rip it to an image with DVD Decrypter & then burn it with the same or ImgBurn.

It’s most surprising that the Sony system won’t play DVD-ROM which is what original DVDs are. Depending on the error you get from it it could just be that you’re not doing very good burns & the Sony just can’t read them.

Always use quality media (say Verbatim ) and burn at the rated speed , except for maybe 16x media which might burn better at 12x.

If the DVD+R disc is a single layer disc there is no reason to use DVD Shrink. That would take alot of extra time. Just use Nero to make a disc image and save it on your hard drive. Then use Nero to burn the image on a DVD-R disc.

If i may let me jump in here with a stupid question…
How do you know which format the disc you are going to back-up is in???
I grabbed one off the shelf at random & didn’t see anywhere where it said DVD-R,DVD+R,etc.
thanx much…

In short, commercial (pressed) DVD’s are neither +R nor -R, they are DVD-ROM’s. Any writeable media will be labelled as to whether it is +R or -R (or -RAM). Only +R can be burned to make it appear to be DVD-ROM (ref. booktype/bitsetting). :slight_smile:

Thanx Cressida…
So that means one is better off using +R to be played on stand alones???
Damn,think I’m in wayyyy over my head here…LOL

No, that would only count for older standalones which just didn’t know the recordable dvd formats when they were produced.
Check for more info.

many thanx chef…that helped beau coup!!!