Copying a dvd film from a copy - Sony ArccOS

Trying to copy a dvd (copy of a movie), I don’t succeed, even with any dvd, dvd decrypter, dvd fab, dvd shrink, ripIt4Me. The ripping/copying stops after a few minuts. The dvd seems protected by Sony ARccOS. Maybe a copy of a copy will not be possible?
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Why do you think the disc that you are trying to duplicate is copy-protected? It could have been made on poor quality media, which is unreadable.

What’s the movie?

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Generally, a copy of a copy will be easy to duplicate because the encyption has already been removed. I’ve never heard of anyone making a copy of movie and keeping the CSS code intact. I wouldn’t even know how to do it if I wanted to.

In addition, a copy (on DVD-R or DVD+R) is more susceptible to scratches and the like than pressed media. If I have to guess what’s going on here, you probably have a disc with a big old scratch on it and your DVD Reader is having difficulty reading the disc.

The latest version of DVDFab should work with Arccos.

What brand of medium is the copy of the copy?
What the condition of the copy?

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Thanks, answering some questions:

  • the DVD is DVD+R; Intenso ; the movie is FLIGHT PLAN with Jodie Foster; no the media is not damaged or dirty; my burner is a NEC
    I have tried with DVDFab, …Nero, Clone DVD, DVD decrypter, …burning always stopped.

Precision: NEC RW3520A.

Do you have the latest version of Fab? If not update. Are you getting an error message? I think I did that one with PGC Edit.