Copying a dirty DVD video disc

I’m trying to backup a dirty disc and having some difficulty. I’m using Nero Ultra 6.6 with my NEC 3500 and my LG 4480. Both drives give me read errors, but mysteriously at different parts of the disc. I don’t mind having some errors in there, but it takes forever to make the image. It gets stuck at a point and pretty much sits there. I’ve tried turning off error checking, but I get the same result in both drives. Any suggestions? Perhaps there’s some other software I should try? TIA for any help.

Cleaning the disc first would be a good idea! :rolleyes:

I think ISO Buster is the way to go if you have severe problems reading the disc. :wink:

But still, try surg´s advice first… :iagree: Clean the disc in radial direction, from center and out. Not in circles.

Thanks, I’ll give ISOBuster a shot. I’ve cleaned the hell out of this media using the proper methods, it looks spotless. I’m lead to believe it’s a bad burn/bad disc (blasted Vakoss brand media).

I’m trying to backup a dirty disc

No need to tell us that, what you watch in your private time is up to you! :wink:

Try DVDDecryptor, and set it to re-try at least 10 times on errors.

I thought you meant ‘dirty disc’ as in ‘porn’ :wink:

Some imperfections in the recording layer can result in unreadable data, even if the burn succeeds, I have 2 DVD+RW discs that refuse to burn and I can’t see one damn blemish on the surface!!

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A suggestive name helps ensure speedy responses. :wink:

I’ve let DVD Decryptor go for 8 hours now and it’s crawled through 2% for about 7hr:50min of that. This is ridiculous. I’m going to cancel and let ISOBuster go through, even though I see no real error checking options in any of the menus. There must be a better way!

You can set Decryptor to ignore errors, you can try a different reading drive. But some of your disc may just be unreadable.

You could try the latest AnyDVD, this has an option to read discs with copy protection based on unreadable sectors, it may help? With this running in the background you could then try file copying the VIDEO_TS folder to HD.

And here’s me thinking this post was about pornos. lol :wink:


This all seems very incredible to me. If the video data is good enough to be read and displayed on screen, how is it not good enough to be read and transferred to disc? I think it’s a safe assumption computer DVD-ROMs are as capable readers as standalones. Is there a way the data can be copied through disc playback? It seems like this would be a handy piece of software that makes like it’s playing back the disc whilst copying it. On that note, I think I’ll try a 1.0X rip.

Also, ISOBuster provided me with no better results.

Well, that’s that. I did as you instructed and now I have a full VIDEO_TS folder on my desktop.

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@ lubs

When you tried DVD Decrypter were you using latest version I thought this version released last week was supposed to bypass protected sectors.

Goudo - I’m unsure of the version I was using and cannot check right now. It certainly wasn’t from last week. I’ll be upgrading, thanks for the heads-up.