Copying a Copy

I have a bunch of backups that i want to transfer to my new higher quality TYG02 discs.

I was wondering if the quality of a burn degrades at all if a disc is … a copy, of a copy, of a copy, of a copy.

(Master —> Copy —> Copy —> Copy)

As i get my discs from a friend im sure his master copies will be better quality than 3/4 more copies down the line …

or everytime you copy a disc,… does it copy the EXACT files from disc to disc?

It does if you copy the whole disc.

so if each time you do a full copy, say from a cheapo copied disc, to a higher quality TYG02,

… that will be just as good as copying from a full retail disc?

Only if the reader can retrieve all the data from the source…

In theory, all information is stored digitally, all 1’s and 0’s.
Copying this information to another medium should, in principle, not be a problem.

However, depending on the program and the hardware used, some errors may have been created while creating the backup. These errors will also be copied and possible even new errors added. But, it is not very likely these errors will cause any problems, mostly due to standard error correction being available.

It would always be best to make backups using the originals, but if your backups are still readable, you should have little to no problems backing up from a copied dics.