Copying a CD-i (CD Interactive)?



I have a CD-i title that is severly scratched and that won’t play on my CD-i player anymore.

But I can read it on a PC drive, so I tried to make a copy with Nero. No luck, seems to work but after a few seconds the game freezes.

Are CD-i discs copy protected? Which software would be best to make a copy?

CD-i is a very old format, so maybe newer software no longer supports it?



Plextor 716, Pioneer 109, Teac CD-W512EB


I’m not an expert, but I don’t think that it is a copy protection: your problem is probably related to some missing subchannels in the copy… forcing nero to read all subchannels could help. Otherwise, you could try CloneCD.

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Thanks! I’ll give that a try.

Which drive would be best to write with? I do remember for instance that burning PSX discs on my Teac didn’t work, but went fine on my Plextor SCSI CD writer (long time ago).

I have that same old Teac CD writer here, and also a Pioneer 109 and Plextor 716 DVD writers.



It seems to me that Plextors were between the first drives able to read all (or most) subchannel data… If I were you, I’d begin with the 716A. But it is just a guess, some people more into copy-protection could disagree…

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Rats, no luck. Now the disc isn’t even recognised. I’ve downloaded Clone CD but this thinks these discs are audio CDs… I’ll give it a try anyway.