Copying a CD Game

I have NFS porsche unleashed, bought on cd, and I would like to make a copy, I tried using CloneCD, but it just keeps freezing up. I have a cd-rom and an LG burner, is it possible to make a copy and play IT? i made a copy, but when I try to play it , it says wrong cd version. please help

Need For Speed 5: Porsche Unleased is protected with Safedisc 1.41.000. It shouldn’t be too difficult to backup this game. What settings are you using in CloneCD? You might want to take a look at this thread. It should have what you’re looking for.

I am able to make a copy with Nero, Alcohol etc BUT When I start to play the game, it says Wrong CD.
ANYONE that has been successfull with copying EA games please help!

it is easily done with blindwrite

that can be downloaded at

—remember updated firmware on drives helps it function better and gives more compatablity for cd r media and also helps with performance —

i always suggest newest but some times you dont need it

this tutorial is actually how to do all safedisc versions

make folder on desktop
go into blindread [cd to hard drive ]
couple settings in general settings uncheck all
dump cdrom image
next screen pick burner
then main image file browse out to your file
then hit next and then
adapt speed 1x to max
then check eject cd

then you should see ecc/ecd errors … no problem that is protection

now it should say bwa file …nope dont want it not for this protection

go to quit

put in black cd
now go into blindwrite …[hard drive to cd ]
go into blindwrite config
uncheck all but autoplay and eject cd
[autoplay is use to hide atip and the only safedisk that checks that so far is safedisc 2.9 …so if you have lower safedisk you dont have to have autoplay checked to work … but I always suggest it , especially if it is playing in dvd burner or cd burner ]
next screen pick your burner
then hit next
next screen browse out ot your folder on desktop
click on the .bwt file made
then open

then hit next
should be at verify
hit start
make sure you use image is good and use dao pw or dao pq
then hit next
writing mode is dao pw
and speed is max [ I always use that speed some people dont ]
then hit go

there ya go you should have a good copy if your burner is able to do it … .which i believe it does but will recheck cause some info yoiu have is missing …

Also remember if you used autoplay you have to have blindwrite installed or at least the autoplay client setup if you going to be on another pc. I use the autoplay client setup


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