Copying a blu-ray



hi if i wanted to do a straight copy of a blu-ray to a bd-50 disk can you do it or does it have to be copied to hardrive first then copied with another programme,as i was wondering if you used clone in dvdfab would it work,sorry if sound daft as this is all new to me,thanks for any info


You can do a straight copy of most blu ray disks. You’ll need AnyDVD HD and rip to the hard drive as an ISO image. Burn to disk with ImgBurn using UDF 2.5.

AnyDVD HD is the only program at the moment that can decrypt blu ray, and even it is not effective on the latest releases with the new version of BD+ (as far as I am aware). Here is a list of movies at the Slysoft forums that may not be handled correctly by AnyDVD HD:


thanks very much Kerry56,p.s m8 i thought there would of been more films it would have problems with but there is not many


Theoretically you can burn disc to disc as long as you have 2 blu-ray burners (or 1 reader and 1 burner), with AnyDVD HD enabled, using ImgBurn in Build Mode. But you may want to burn at minimum speed (2x) to avoid buffer underrun.


thanks for that mate but one more question whats the difference between bd-r and bd-re thanks


BD-R is one time writable disk. BD-RE can be written, then erased and used again.


I just tried copying blu-ray direct disk to disk, Planet Earth Blu-ray, disk 1 (25GB). Put the original in the blu-ray reader, enable AnyDVD HD, put a blank BD-RE in the blu-ray burner. Fire up ImgBurn, set to Build Mode and drag BDMV folder from the original into ImgBurn. Burn directly to BD-RE at 2x. Process done without any problem! and without ripping to hard disk first. It’s a 25GB movie though, but a 50GB movie should also work.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2168997]BD-R is one time writable disk. BD-RE can be written, then erased and used again.[/QUOTE]

thanks for that learn something new every day:clap: