Copying a "bad sector" protected DVD

I have purchased a DVD from a video company that records performances (recitals and such). They use bad sectors to protect their DVD. I have tried using “Clone DVD”, but it does not work (bad sectors). I tried “Any DVD Clone”, but after 8 hours, my computer shut down (after an automatic update) and it did not finish. Besides starting all over again, is there a quicker, simpler way to copy the DVD? Thank you for your assistance.

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Have you tried the free trial of AnyDVD? (different from Any DVD Clone).
It is one of the programs made by Slysoft and can be downloaded here:

It will run in the background and let you use other ripping programs, or you can try the built-in ripper and copy the entire disk. (to use the built in ripper, right click on the fox icon on the bottom right of the screen)

Since this dvd is made by a smaller company, the bad sectors protection they are using may not be handled well by AnyDVD or DVDFab, but they are the two best decryption programs we have.

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What about giving DVDFab a try? They have a free decrypter (you may have to shrink the file when done with something like DVDShrink), or DVDFab Platinum, which does it all, has a trial version so you could give that a go to see if you like it. :slight_smile:

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Bad sectors on an original DVD usually means a bad pressed disc, which I would return for a replacement, if the problematic disc is a copy there can be other factors involved like…low to poor quality media used, improper burn speed and/or the burner used to do the backup is going bad.

However there are ways around copying a DVD with bad sectors, DVDFab has a setting to ignore read errors(bad sectors) course it could be that the DVD simply needs to be cleaned :iagree:

Thank you for your quick responses. I have downloaded DVDFab 6.0. I tried running running DVD to DVD - Full Disc. It only copies 2 files (the menus). I don’t know how to copy the contents into the computer to make new dvds. I;m not this incompetent, but I am stumped.

Do you get an error message from DVDFab? If so, please post it.
Did you try setting the program to ignore read errors?

And did you download the trial for AnyDVD? When you load the dvd into the drive while using AnyDVD, the program will pop up a little message saying it is working on the encryption. I’d like you to open the program and see if there is any CSS encryption on the disks as well as your suspected bad sectors protection.

Do the dvds play correctly on your player and computer?

I would try ISOBuster to extract the DVD if AnyDVD fails.
I haven’t tried ISOBuster with an encrypted DVD so AnyDVD might need to be used with it to do the extract.
Like posted by StormJumper it could be a bad press.If it is a pressed commercial disc.
Are there any nicks or scratches on the disc ?
Can you return it for an exchange?