Copying a backup



I use CloneDVD and AnyDVD religiously to make all of my backups from my original DVDs. Over the holidays, I left my original copy of Pirates of the Carribean at a relative’s house. They told me they cannot find it anywhere in the house. Now, all i have is the DVD-5 single-layer back-up copy i originally made for my kids so they wouldn’t destroy my original DVD. So now I would like to copy my kids’ copy so that I will at least have one good copy if they eventually destroy thier’s.

So here is my question: I have heard that CloneDVD has issues when trying to copy a backed-up DVD. Is this indeed the case? And if so, can someone please recommend an alternative program to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance,



A advice I would go there to see if you can yourself retrieve the DVD cause something that popular wouldn’t go missing that soon. Secondly the copy of a copy I did hear something mention on this forum of that but I don’t recall what the details of that was. But if I guessing right you should be able to copy that copy. Try to use CloneCD and do a 1:1 copy with that program and see if that works out for you.


Any commercial burner, such as Nero should copy a decrypted backup.


Well, that’s an issue in itself, as they live appoximately 8 hours driving distance away (one way!). :wink:

Exactly. I know I read somewhere on here about an issue of some sort, but I couldn’t find it. :frowning:

Thank you both for your input. I will try both of your suggestions.



As you already own CloneDVD, the option “Write Existing Data” is your friend.
Just drag’n’ drop the VIDEO_TS folder from the “children’s copy” to your harddisk and then use CloneDVD “Write existing data” to burn that folder to a new disc.


I have copied more than one just by using the clonedvd option in clonedvd do not see why anyone would have a problem with doing that. I have also use clonecd also.


Hi Sam,
Thanks for your input. I had guessed that CloneDVD wouldn’t let me down, its just that I had read a while back about an issue that was something like “trying to repair defective dvd structure.” I’m probably just being overly cautious. I appreciate your help.

Thanks for your suggestion. I tried that and it appears to have worked just fine. :clap:

Thanks again everyone.