Copying +74m Audio CD's



Hi can anyone tell me what SW i can copy CD's over 74m.

Some cd's are over this and i'm sick of getting rid of a couple of tracks just to get it below 74m.

I once copied a cd using a 80m CD and put this in my stereo but the first couple of tracks were "garbled" and all screwed up.

Can any one help. I know my stereo can read copied 80m audio CD's because i bought some bootlegged CD's that work



Just copie them with cdrwin.
cdrwin will warn you that the cd is larger then 74 min. just klik ok.


Hi there,

I believe your problem is that you can’t
get all the tracks on a 74m cd-r ?

Well I always use NERO Burning ROM.

First, use an audiograbber to copy the
tracks you want to your harddrive.

Then start NERO and drag & drop the tracks
that you want to burn.

Select FILE -> preferences (I believe it is)
and then find the TAB that has something
to do with overburning.

Set the settings to 75 minutes and 0 seconds
and click on the “enable overburning” box
or something like that. I don’t know exactly
what it is called.

Anyway, click “apply” and you should be back
at your drag & drop screen. Click on a track
that you have dropped and then hold CRTL-A

Now all the tracks should be selected.
Give a right-mouse click on one of the tracks and you will see a new screen.

Here you can change the pause between the
tracks. They are defaulted at 2 seconds but
you can change it to 0.

Now click apply and then you should be back
at your drag & drop screen.

Click on the “write” button and click at burn.

If you cd layout is too big you should get
a message that it’s not possible to burn
this layout on a 74m cd-r.

You can either click on “cancel” or you can
click on “write overburn cd”.

THAN 75.00 minutes or else it still won’t
fit on the cd.

If this is not the case than you should
be on your way.

please mail me if you succeed or if you still
have problems at


tha sentinel


If it’s only for audio cd’s, try feurio ( Not the easiest, but by far the best sw for audio cd’s.


Thanks for all your replies but does my ability to put more that 74m onto a CD rely upon my mitsumi 4801TE being able to overburn (as it can’t apparently)



Just use 80 min CDs, they are not expensive anymore, so it’s no use to fuck up CDs by overburning…

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