Copying 1 out of 2 titles



I have downloaded trial version of dvdfab and installed. I am using Windows 98SE.

I have a dvd with 2 titles on it. I want to transfer 1 title to a new dvd along with its menu. If I select preserve menus, even though I want to transfer 1 title, menu is for both titles. So the first question: Is it possible to transfer only one menu associated with the selected title? If so how?

When I selected customize menu, dvdfab displayed the following:

Title|Angle    Play Time   Chapter  Aspect Ratio

    2           111.48            15       4:3
    4           111.48            15       4:3
    1            59.14             12       4:3
    3            59.14             12       4:3

It appears that items 1 and 3 are associated with one title and items 2 and 4 are associated with second title.

When I selected items 1 and 3 and created a dvd, it created a dvd with title 1, without any menu. When I played the dvd, I noticed that first 45 minutes played perfectly. However, last part of the dvd had perfect picture but no audio and only some noise. I tried twice, selecting item 1 only and then items 1 and 3, and result was the same every time.

Here is what is on the DVD itself:

\VIDEO_RM                              \VIDEO_TS

VIDEO_RM.BUP                            VIDEO_TS.BUP
VIDEO_RM.DAT                            VIDEO_TS.IFO
VIDEO_RM.IFO                             VIDEO_TS.IFO

I will appreciate any help for transfering 1 title with 1 menu properly.



What type of DVD is this? Is it a DVD-RAM or perhaps recorded on a standalone (non-PC based) DVD recorder?


The dvd is created on a ILO standalone recorder from a VHS tape.


I thought so. I also have an ILO (actually made by LiteOn I have been told) that writes files the same way in HQ mode. These recordings seem to confuse copying software, so that each title is listed twice. I have had no trouble copying these in customize mode by leaving the menus off and selecting only ONE title. The last one like this I copied was several months (and releases of Fab) ago, but I would think it should still work. DVDShrink will also read and copy ILO-generated files. My ILO will not copy VHS movie tapes without stripping the analog copy protection in an external time base corrector. The menus on the DVD (if it works like mine) will only produce a black screen when you try to select the missing title, and if the new DVD will only have one title, you don’t really need the menus anyway.


Hi Signals,

Thanks for your feedback. ILO seems to do a good job of transferring VHS tapes to DVDs. All DVDs that I have created have worked on dvd players without any problem.

This is the first time that I have installed a dvd burner on my computer, so I am fairly new to using dvd software. From the description of the customize it appeared that I can pull selected titles from one or more DVDs and create a new dvd with menu etc. Also, since I did find audio problem in one selected title consistently at the same point on dvd, I thought I may be doing something wrong. I am not a movie fan. The dvd that I was trying to extract 1 title from, has 2 dance lessons approximately 1 hour long.

I have downloaded trial version of beta, and I will try to extract 1 title without menu and see if I can get a good copy without audio problem.

Thanks again.



We’re glad to have you on the forum Roger and hope you will join us as a satisfied DVDFab user. :slight_smile: I liked my ILO standalone so much I bought a second one when they went on sale. I use the firewire port to transfer home movies from camera to DVD. The feature you describe, pulling video from different sources onto a new DVD, is called “merging” or “re-authoring” and will be available before too long on DVDFab. You should be able to extract the one title without problems. If you are wasting blank DVDs experimenting, choose your hard drive as the target instead of your DVD burner, then try playing the recorded files with VLC, WinDVD or PowerDVD to see if you got the desired result. You can then burn the files to disc if they are OK or erase them and start over if they have problems. Post back and let me know if it works.


Hi Signals,

I changed dvd5 option to dvd9 and then extracted 1 title to create a dvd. It worked fine. I still don’t know what that option really does.

I think, if the authors of the software would include few instructions about how to use the software along with what the various options mean it would be very helpful. It would also increase sales since trial users are less likely to have problems.

I appreciate your help. Thanks.



You’re more than welcome. You will find the forum a very helpful place. The DVD5/9 drop down selector tells Fab whether you want to fit the title onto a single-layer disc, using compression if necessary, or copy to a dual-layer disc, usually with no compression. The amount of compression is reflected in the “Quality” percentage displayed in the lower part of the window. How much you can tolerate is subjective; large screens make the compression artifacts stand out more, as do lower Quality numbers (below say, 85% I generally use a DVD9, but the trip point too is subjective). Your comments about a user guide are fair and there will be one eventually. In the meantime here is a linkto a brief summary of features; there are some other posts in that thread that may answer some of your other questions. Glad your copy worked out! :slight_smile: