Copy2DVD Strange Error? What to do?

I just started recording a dvd and it finished okay but it took 1 hour, while the DVD is a 4x speed!!??

The error that copytoDVD gave:

OPC Failed Code 03 73 03 Medium Error Power Calibration Fail (CD Burner is dirty)

what the f**k does that mean??

please help me

CopyToDVD v.
CopyToDVD Manager v.
Windows XP Pro
and my ± bruner (Sony DRU-500UL) with newest firmware…

thanx in advance!!

please download the latest version from our web site and try again.
post here or mail me, if the problem persists!

tried your tip: now burning with version number: v.

still same error???:confused:

please help me…tnx

is the medium you used certified for 4x speed?

please note that you need at least firmware 2.0e to record at 4x speed with the dru-500, and that not all 4x medias will work in this writer

The medium is a Datawrite Classic 4x speed certified…
and I’ve got the newest firmware for my burner; version 2.0F so even higher and newer than 2.0E

I realy don’t get it…any ideas???

the only thing is that the burned DVD’s are all working so that’s not the problem…only the time it takes!!

thanx in advance!!

ok, we will investigate…

I do not have the answer but surely hope we find the solution. I have the same problem & I use 2.4x certified. I’ve never even seen the “dirty burner” message until using Copy2Dvd.

I was able to do successful copies on 2.1.6 but when I went to 2.2 it never worked again even after uninstalling and going back to 2.1.6.

They first told me that my media might be the problem but I use Verbatim 2.4x and that’s one that is recommended by the recorder. I’m also to successfully produce on Nero but I paid for and like Copy2Dvd so I hope I can get it to work.

Let me know if you solve the problem.

are you using the DRU-500, too?

Yes, I’m using the DRU-500a.

However, I am in the final stages of producing a disc and the latest version seems to be working. It is now completed successfully.

Onto another subject: Do you know why I am now getting the error message, “Cannot change book to DVD-ROM”? I never got such a message until I upgraded to 2.2.


“Cannot change book to DVD-ROM”
this is just a warning and can be ignored. changing the book type of a DVD+R(W) to DVD-ROM is just tried for compatibility reasons…

Thanks for the quick response.

One more question. Do you know why there is no option in DVD2one for CopytoDVD? It used to be there until I upgraded to DVD2one 1.2. They tell me that as long as CopytoDVD is installed it should be there. But it is not.


just checked it here, I got the CopyToDVD option present… :confused:

for the problem with DVD2One, see this thread: