Copy2DVD no Verify Function




I have download the free Trail from Copy2DVD is a nice Program but i cannot found the Function to verify my burned DVDs.

Is this Function disabled in the Trail Version or is it not possible to verify DVDs by Copy2DVD



Use VSO Inspector (freeware at vso-software).


Thank you Italian Job fpr the Tip with the VSO Inspector.

This is to much complicatet for my solution. The Burn and the verify should be done in ONE step.
I think all good Burn Programms have a verify Option included.



I agree that a verification option would greatly enhance the functionality of CopyToDVD. For important backups, I use Nero instead of CopyToDVD solely because Nero will verify the data it burns. I would like to see verification in both file mode and in ISO mode for CopyToDVD. Checking for CRC read errors with VSO Inspector isn’t the same as verification of the burned disk. This can’t be that hard of a feature to implement. How about it, dev team?


I do a disc quality scan with Nero DVD Speed on all of my burns so any built in verification would probably go unused.



I think CopytoDVD is one of the best Buring Solution for DVD Videos but if the Verify Function should be included then this Program are the BEST.

I hope the guys from VSO read this forum an code this for us.




Just to let you know

VSO has taken note of this suggestion.



Hi guys,

yes it is something we need to implement ( at least to run immediatly vso inspector after the burn has finished. )
it will be for copytodvd 4.0

please be patient.


Yes yes yes ,great ,i will wait for this super Release to have fun with CopytoDVD



I found it!!! The verify function resides only in COPYTODVD 3SE Version COPYTODVD Manager Version Install it and “Verify data discs after writing” appears in Options.


Thanks aikido :bow:

I had abandom my hope long time ago that VSO implemented a Verify Function in Copy2DVD. I had change to Nero and I dont use for now and forever Software from VSO. This guys neglect a promise for the Verify Function.



Hi there,

It will be possible to autostart VSO Inspector to scan your media after a burn, with the new CopyToDVD v4.00 due in 2006 sometimes :clap:

Keep your eyes open for v4.00 when it comes out !

Yahoo :cool:


It looks like VSO Inspector only verifies the media and that the files can be read, not that they are identical to the original source, correct? Are there any plans to do a real verify? It seems this should be a simple feature. Otherwise v4 looks good so far.



Nero has this function, but isn’t it still broken ?

Everyone who tried it just turned it off, since it would always report a failure.

Personally, if [B]VSO Inspector[/B] can read all the files off the media, and [B]Nero CD-Speed can do it a quality PiPo Scan[/B], I have nothing to worry about.

I use Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim media, and after running a few tests in the beginning, all my hundreds if not thousands of burn are still 100% so I haven’t checked my burns in ages…

My 2 cents…


This is exactly what is needed, I always verify when using nero, if it fails I trash it. Recently I’ve developed a “file allocation” problem with nero after using DVDFab to split discs, but CopytoDVD burns them fine, but there’s no true source to target file verification. In my experience, I find this to be a necessary feature. I hope they fully implement it in a release soon.


Hi there,

This feature has been requested in the past.

I have updated Bug / Request #308 with your request !