I have been in another far away country for a year. I had my family send me a CD of a flight simulator (realflight G2) that I bought and had it sent via skype data transfer. Now I have the files from the CD of the simulator so I burned a copy onto a CDR. When I run the program it will not recognise the CD. I then tried to mount the image with Daemon Tools, but there is no file to mount that is appropriate. Is there a place to go to get a mds type file, or am I way off base and need to try something else?


Yep, how about they send you the disc through the post.

what are the files that you receive…like what format are they in?

was the original CD copy protected? with what protection? what programs did your family use to bypass this protection?

what were you trying to mount? If it is not an image file there is nothing you can mount.

The problem with sending the disk thru the post office is that not everything will make it to Eastern Europe. The chances of me never seeing the disk again are really high.

I really wanted to try and make a CD that is usable from the data I was sent. I was sent all of the files that were on the origianl CD so that I could make a copy. Here is a list of everything that is included.

directx folder
instfx folder
setupdir folder
worldview folder
_sys1 winzip file
_user1 winzip file
build text doc.
cpanel application
cpanel configuration
data1 winzip file
lang dat file
layout bin file
os dat file
q241559 app file
readme word file
secdrv system file
setup app
setup config file
setup internet comm files

All my family did was copy and paste the contents of the CD into a folder. Then they sent the folder to me via data transfer in telephone program called skype. So I figured that maybe I could simply copy the info the sent me on a CDR and obviously things are never that simple. So now I need to figure out what to do from here.


It’s definatly not the simply unfortunatly.

The only way to do it they way you intended is to use a program such as Alcohol to create a proper image of the CD including the copy protection which looking at the files maybe SafeDisc X.X.

To find out what the protection is you need to Scan the original disc with ARay Scanner and then use the proper profile in Alcohol. This will then create an MDS file that you will have to either nurn back to disc or load up in Demeon Tools or an Alchol Virtual Drive.

Legally I am not sure where this stands though. I guess so long as the program is not being used on a nother computer anywhere else this is technically Ok.

Thank you for the help. I have one last question…
The program is asking me to insert the original disk into the CDRom on D:/RFV2 (D). If I am using an emulator should I change the file under the program file menu for the program to read for the drive I am emulating? What would the path I change it to be? Is it E:/RFV2 (D)?

Thanks again