Copy works on Toshiba but not in GoVideo

I made a back up copy of a movie with DVDFabExpress. The copy plays perfectly on my Toshiba DVD player, but frames freeze on my GoVideo DVD player. The original disc plays perfectly on both the Toshiba and the GoVideo players. I cleaned the DVD drive, as well as the disc with no result. I need to view the disc on the GoVideo player as well. Any ideas? :confused:

Hi Crisalle and welcome.
You’ll have to find blank media that both players are happy with…this may or may not be easy. You didn’t post any details (eg., MID or media code, burner, firmware, burn speed etc.), so we can only speak to generalizations.

A few suggestions:

  1. Use quality media like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim
  2. Use +R media and bitset to DVD-ROM, this will increase compatibilty with players - if your burner supports this.
  3. Burn at the appropriate speed for the media and your burner.

Hope this helps.

here is another suggestion, stay away from GoVideo products!. No offense, but the company is going bankrupt, and their products in general are poor. They contract out for 3rd party manufacturers for most of their items, whoever they can secure the cheapest…believe me, I have been through the experience!

Thank you Maineman, the burner is an Optiarc DVD+RW ND-3570A, it came with my brand new Dell 5150. I was told to use DVD-R media because since they are the “oldest” they will be compatible with “everything” so I purchased OfficeMax 16x DVD-R. I’m thinking this was not a good choice, should I use +R instead? Any suggestions?
How does one set the bitset to DVD-ROM? is this something done with DVDFab Express or the actual drive needs to be set?

Larry, I agree with you, GoVideo products are not of the highest quality. The thing is that it combines a DVD player and VHS player in one unit. At the time it seemed like a good idea. We’ve used the VCR just a couple of times. :o

Go’s were good when they introduced the dual VHS to copy tapes. I had one that laste about 10 years without problems and used it a lot. Then they started trying to add DVD. You can buy a DVD player for about 30-35 bucks. I bought a Magnavox a Sam’s Club for $31 and Walmart has them for about 5 bucks more and it plays all we have tried in it. I even gave my wife’s grandmother one and she said DVD players would not work on her TV, bet you couldn’t take it from her now.


Mack is right, the original Go was of good quality, and was one of the few dual vhs’s available, and could copy a commercial tape…like a lot of other lesser know companies, they fell to the fast expansion into other products, and in end tanked their reputation, and company.

Crisalle, you did use the right blank media type (R-), it is the most compatible with most players…unless media just of not good quality, again an example of the Go being very finicky due to it’s lesser quality these days.

Very difficult to track down your burner…apparently a joint venture between sony and nec (supposedly, Liteon will be in the mix as well). Couldn’t find any specifics, ie., firmware upgrades, bitsetting capacity, etc.

Couple suggestions: Try a +RW,don’t know if the Go Video will play it, but at least you won’t have to waste it…or just try a +R.

Go to dell support and plug in your service tag # and see if there are specifics for your burner, like firmware upgrades, bitsetting capability.

As Mack suggested, the easist fix here, may be just to purchase another cheapo dvd player.

Take a look here re: bitsetting:

Good luck.

For some info on your burner:


I checked Dell and the burner is listed as :

Yeah, I didn’t get too far on dell’s site, just picked up general info such as Mack…no firmware. I was hoping you and your dell service tag may yield better results…oh well!

Here are a couple more sites:

and more specifically, actual firmware:

Now as a disclaimer, I don’t own an NEC or a NEC hybrid and I know nothing about this firmware, so venture at your own risk, but it may be worth a look, a read and perhaps more…dunno???

I put [B]NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG [/B] into google and found the links that I posted, but remember some sites were listed for Firmware. There were only 2 pages that showed up in the search which is unusual in a google search.