Copy which audio streams?/stop Director comments



I’ve been using AnyDVD in combination with CloneDVD2 am in general quite pleased.

Every now and then – like tonight with “Braveheart” – I’ll copy the DVD (“Copy DVD Titles”) and end up with the Director’s comments instead of the movie’s actual dialog.

How can I avoid this? I see 4 audio streams to choose from:

English Dolby AC-3/2
English Dolby AC-3/6
French Dolby AC 3/2
English Dolby AC-3/2

I checked them all except the French one. I also checked Audio Languages English, and Audio Channels 2 Channels and 6 Channels.

So…how does one tell which audio streams are which?




Then the movie’s actual dialog IS on your backup. Use the “Audio” button on your remote to change from the commentary to the 5.1 soundtrack or use the “Setup” menu from the DVD’s main menu to choose your soundtrack.

With some movies, a DVD player will “default” to a soundtrack that is other than your preferrence. Just change it.

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I have found that by using DVD Shrink, I can preview each audio track (right mouse click on the preview video as it plays and you can switch between them) and find the one that is the primary and then deselect all the other tracks that I don’t really want and no matter the order, it seems to make that track the default.


@ BobSmith32,

Unlike some other Forum Member whose only solution to your problem is to suggest using a dead software program that is no longer supported and improvements and updates have ceased to be issued in over a year I have provide information on how to identify what the audio streams are that are displayed in the CloneDVD software program.

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting for information on how to identify and determine what the audio streams are in the CloneDVD software program. Refer to posting #6 comments.

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Jeez dude! No need to get snippy. :slight_smile:

I just shared a bit about what works for me. Honestly trying to be helpful.


@ BeardedKirklander,

If you are unaware this happens to be the CloneDVD Forum.

Forum Members who are having difficulties with CloneDVD post in this Forum and expect to receive assistance with their CloneDVD problems.

You are during a disservice to CloneDVD customers who have paid a CloneDVD registration fee and expect to revive assistance with their CloneDVD problem by suggesting using an antiquated unsupported dead software program that hasn’t been improved or updating in over a year.

Most problems encountered with CloneDVD can be easily corrected when the true nature of the problem can be established. Suggesting to use other software program especially one that is over a year old only clouds the issue and makes getting to the route cause of the Forum Members problem only that more difficult.

This Forum is frequented by numerous Forum Members, one who is the author (Olli) of the CloneDVD and CloneCD software program, who have extensive knowledge of the CloneDVD and AnyDVD programs and usually within a couple of Forum posting can get to the route cause of the problem the Forum Member is reporting. It is a rare occasion that a Forum Member Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft customer needs to resort to using another software program other than Elaborate Bytes/SlySoft.

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Wow - no need to get all huffy. Geesh.

Just because that app may be “dead” to you, it doesn’t mean it can’t be helpful in diagnosing issues and acting as a control for comparison. Next time I’ll PM instead of posting in the CloneDVD forum. There was no malice intended whatsoever.

I goofed. I’m sorry. Please lighten up.


Much thanks for your advice.