COpy Video from Website to PC


Is there anyway software I can purchase or download that will allow me to copy video I find over the various website onto my hard drive as a mpeg file can burn to DVD later?

Appreciate any advice on this subject.


. I’m not sure what you mean, but here’s everything I know. It won’t take long.
. If you want to grab videos from web pages, try right-clicking on the vid or player and see if there is some kind of Save… option. More and more sites are disabling this feature, so don’t hold your breath.
. View the page source and see if you can ferret out a URL for the actual video file. As with the prev paragraph, this is getting harder to do - some sites use code that doesn’t directly reference the video file.
. As far as converting your misc vids to MPEG, I’m not the guy to ask; I’m a Newbie, too. Try some of the fora with “software” in the title. There is a section with short reviews and download links, but I can’t remember how to get there. For general home use, there’s no need to actually spend money.

The man said FRAPS

But there are alternatives…if you are using Firefox…!

If you have the luxury of using FireFox, there’s a nice little plug-in named “Video-Downloader” -(Google it), convert to DVD using VSO’s ConvertXtoDVD or whatever else you wish…:slight_smile: