Copy video from SD to HDD? (EH65)



Hi all,

I recently bought the EH65, and according to the manual I can copy mepg2 video (“from a Panasonic SD video camera, a digital video camera etc.”) from SD to HDD. Upon insertion of the SD card a menu shows up, allowing to play a picture slideshow, copy photos to HDD and/or copy video to HDD, depending on the detected contents of the SD card (either photos and/or video). I created an mpeg2 file (name blahblah.mpg) on my pc and put it on an SD card, along with some jpg pictures. On the EH65, I expected the menu including the option to copy video when I inserted the card, but only the photo-related options showed up. :sad:

So, is there anybody who has experience with this? Are there restrictions regarding filename, directory structure, maybe something in the mpg-file (e.g. audio being AC3 or MP2) etc? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.