Copy VHS to DVD direct on the computer

I have a Dazzle DVC 100 Capture, I am using a Fujitsu laptop, a TV Tuner Express Card, I have Easy Media Creator 10 and Pinnacle Studio. I am able to capture just fine but am trying to find a way to burn direct to DVD. I have been told by Roxio that the Dazzle DVC 100 does not work with their Plug & Burn. I have tried the Dazzle with Pinnacle Studio Instant DVD recorder but the DVD had no sound. I am trying to capture old tv shows. Any ideas what I should do.
I also download a trial version of Movie Factory but it did not recognize my audio when it was playing. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

How are you capturing the video (what settings are you using, and what format are you capturing the video as). What are you using for audio settings. Do you have the AC3 codec installed?