Copy VCD dat files to CD for standalone player


I have copied some movies (avseqxx.dat) files on my hard disk. Is there any way to copy these on to a new cd so that they can be played on a stand alone player and also the computer.

Can you please guide me on the exact process to copy the movie?

What is the software required for this and is any free software avaialable for download ?

I run win 98 and win xp on my pc

Thank you

Try renaming the .dat file to .mpg.

If it plays, then you can use that as the source file for burning another VCD disc. (This can be done through nero or many other burning programs.)

I won’t give you exact hand-holding steps though as it is more beneficial for you to learn how to use your software and understand what you are doing.

If you still have the original VCD’s, you can try clone CD - it will make an image of the original, which you directly record on the copy. It should play normally - I have tried such a VCD and it behaves on the PC, but I haven’t tried it on a standalone device.

If you can convert it to an .mpeg file then use WinAVI to convert it to DVD format and burn it with Copy to DVD and it should play on your standalone.