Copy unrealII with game jack



I want to copy unreal tournament with my litey 32x…In the copy settings of the program if I leave if I leave copy protection emulation and atip unchecked during writing/reading, will that copy be able to be played installed on another computer? If not, what are the correct settings for securom/safedisc games so that I do not need emulation?


For games protected with latest Securom versions, you’ll have to use emulation. However you can still burn your game image to a cd and mount it from there, almost as simple as using the original disc. If you’re unsure about the settings, try the built-in ClonyXXL which will detect most copy protections and allow GameJack to select proper settings according to the scan result.


But if Iwant to play the game on another computer I will need to have game jack installed on that computer in order to play a securom game right…I willneed the emulation…


If you make the copy with gamejack, yes.