Copy underworld evolution

I have tryed to copy underworld Evolution and also Ultraviolet with any dvd 6.114 and shrink 3.2 adn nero dvd. it want let me does any one have any answers? I also copyed guarding yesterday with shrink and when I went to watch it it lefted out half are of the end of the movie and my dvd was only 4th way full.

Ripit4me, Dvddecrypter and dvdshrink worked for me and any other movie the others can’t. Here is an animated tutorial ripit4me tutorial
There are newer versions since this was made but the guide is the same

Have you tried Anydvd and CloneDVD or CLoneCD to backup those movies? I used AnydVd and Clonedvd and it backup underworld evolution from dvd+9 to dvd+5 and works with no hitchs. I can only guess that it should work just as well on ultraviolet-assuming you have both the laterst versions. Also they both have 21 day trials on each after which you purchase or unistall the software.