Copy to hard disk

does clone dvd copy to the hard disk and if so how?

You have three options:

* DVD Files: DVD files are the basis for creating an ISO/UDF image which can be played with any DVD playback software on your computer. Creating the DVD files first allows you to check the quality of the transcoder before proceeding any further. If you're happy with the results, you can write them by using the third backup category “Process Movie Data”
* ISO/UDF Image: Image files are very useful for archiving, as they contain all the movie data in one single file and don not need to be prepared any further before writing to a DVD-Recordable
* DVD Writer: If you want to make a direct copy of a movie, please insert a DVD-Recordable disc into your writer and select “DVD writer”. Your personal configuration of movie and audio selections will be transcoded and burned to the DVD-Recordable in one step from this point

thanks for your reply

Try DVD-Shrink

Is that the answer to the question “does clone dvd copy to the hard disk and if so how?”