Copy to DVD problem

A film that I have in two parts, I have now converted using Divxtodvd - both at the same time to create one large file, however when I try to burn it using Copy to DVD it only burns the first half of the film. Do any of you know how to rectify this - the discs I am using are sufficient in size.

Thanks in advance

  1. Upgrade to ConvertXToDVD - DivXToDVD is now obsolete.

  2. Either join the two parts together using VirtualDub/Nandub and then process in ConvertXtoDVD or process the two files together in ConvertXToDVD using the “play sequentially” option.

So if i upgrade and convert the two together in convertx - when I burn using copy to dvd it will do them both?

Yes. Convert them together and it puts both parts of the move in the VIDEO_TS folder. Burn this to a disc as a DVD movie (or let the burning engine in ConvertXToDVD do it for you).

You can only have one VIDEO_TS folder, so if you burn the two parts separately, you get two VIDEO_TS folders, but you can’t have two VIDEO_TS folders on the one disc.

I have had a look at virtualdub and to be honest, I cannot make head nor tail of it. Do you know of any straightforward software i can use to join the two together…thats easily understood by a novice?

Virtualdub is very easy. You set the program to use “direct stream copy” in both the “video” and “audio” menus, “load” the first part of the move, “append” the second part, and then save it out. Should take no more than a couple of minutes.