Copy to DVD & Pioneer 106 & R+ discs

Any ideas?

Using latest Copy to DVD software a Pioneer 106 drive and a new batch of +R discs.

Every time it locks as it tries to burn.

Totally flumoxed.


try new media?very picky drive try princo no label dvd blanks.

not too sure about that one…
ive tried a cople of brands from friends and it burns almost all brands of dvd-rs,and dvd-rws on my 106d-firmware 105 +106 tried.
but the strange thing is that it WILL NOT burn dvd+rs of anykind.
be it infiniti,maxell,memorex,1 verbatim tried,mirror platinum,datawrite.
it just says burning dvd,and it kinda locks up.
then the bar will shoot up to 100% in super quick time,and freezes.then after a minute or 2 it will tell me theres an error similar to the above poster,and will not release the dvd.
but…and i stress “but”,------NERO 6 version 6.0.015 or whatever it is,burn all the dvd+rs above fine,with absolutly no problems,and they all work,even burning after the failed burn on then 106(the main reason i think is that the finalising is not caried out.
im kind of stuck with this programme now,and want to use it,but i didnt buy a ± recorder to just use 1 brand on 1 programme,and 1 on another,and the same from nero too.
cant anyone help me…please lol.:bow:

you need to email support with all the info, to include any error codes, that way they can look into it and give you a solution.

Er, in a similar vein, I have a Pioneer DVR-106D and am trying to use dvdtoolbox and the copytodvd tool to copy dvd movies to HP dvd+r discs.

The DVD movie on the hard drive plays fine.

After burning to the disc, however, the resultant dvd is unreadable. I’ve tried CloneDVD as well, but to no avail.

Any ideas out there, please??

I know this is the Copy2DVD forum but if you have a Pioneer 106 burning +R media you should consider using RecordNow MAX. I couldnt get any other software to burn to the disc correctly. This goes for Nero too. Copy2DVD is fine with this drive when burning to - media but for some reason not + media.

And if no-one emails support with detailed information the problem may exist forever.
I dont think anyone wants to see this happen.

Bizarre. I tried it one more time with the latest Nero6 software and it finally worked. I guess it’s just a question of finding the right ripper/writer software combination.

“And if no-one emails support with detailed information the problem may exist forever.
I dont think anyone wants to see this happen.”

dont you think ive tried that… tons of mails to them,mails to fabrice,and he still wants “the log”…and says,that they havent managed to replicate the problem…
that and the fact i dont have a lot of cash to waste on buying media just to tell them what works and doesnt work…


ive told system locks up,and theres only a partial log.
and when i mailed support,they sent me a mail saying that unless i purchase the full programme,then i get no support.
i aint buying a prog that doesnt work…no matter how good it is.

seems to me they may be too busy playing with blindwrite