Copy to dvd - Burning Speed

Hi there

Sony DRU-700A DVD Burner
Ritek Grade A 8x Media
Copy to DVD software

Copytodvd software informS you of your instant speed and your average speed.

Should the speed be fairly consistent every time?

I made 2 copies of the same dvd

Average speed on the first was 5.5

Average speed on the second was 3.75.

Can someone explain why this might be happening?

There is nothing else running on the pc at either time.

Is it to do with the burner - usb speed or what??

Any comments/suggestion/solutions would be greatly appreciated


No need for the ‘Cash for help’ bit: we don’t allow financial gain in exchange for information on CD Freaks.

The idea is that people get help for free… :wink:

You mention USB speed: is this an external burner? Are you using the same type and batch of discs in both examples?

Yes - it is an external burner and the media is the exact same and from the same batch.

Why would there be a speed drop between 2 different burns if using the same burner/media?

Burning via USB at 8x can be a bit fraught, since it really hammers the CPU and it doesn’t take much in the background tasks activity to slow things down.

Assuming that both discs in question had approximately the same amount of data being burned, it could be at least a couple of things:

  1. There may be a defect in one of the discs which caused the burner to deliberately slow down to write the data safely.

  2. One of the datasets could have been on a fragmented part of your HDD, and the PC was unable to supply data quick enough to the buffer to maintain the burn speed. The drive would automatically slow down until the buffer refilled and then continue.

What is the brand and media ID of the discs being used? Download CD-DVD Speed and use the Disc info tab to get this information from one of the discs.

Edit: OK I see they’re Ritek but the MID would be good to know…

Thanks very much for the suggestions - much appreciated.

Would it have anything to do with the copytodvd “cache management options”?

Also i flashed the external burner drive to obtain the latest firmware - this seemed to work fine but it is the only thing that has changed on the pc recently - everything was running at constant speed before.

I fully agree with you on both comments also take heed whilst decoding or burning do not be tempted to open up any other applications----------------------------------SILVERSURFER

If i burn from my local c drive the average speed is 6.0

If i burn from my external hard drive average speed is 3.35


  1. Is this a USB issue?

Local C drive is NTFS
External drive is FAT32

Does the drive format have an impact on burning speed?

Many Thanks

Erm… so you’re using an external HDD and an external burner? Can you please give a complete description of your setup, with all external connections.

sony external burner - SONY DVD RW DRU-800A
160gb freecom classic external hard drive

both with a connection to a usb 2.0 port

all drivers are up to date - checked via touchstone’s website

do you need any other info?

are there any services which need to be running?

Yes. Assuming a target 8x writing speed, burning from the internal HDD to an external burner will probably be quicker than external HDD to external burner. You’d be really pushing the system to cope with double the USB traffic.

With this sort of setup the influence of HDD format (NTFS vs FAT32) is likely to be minimal.

i noticed this error in the event log

“…The NEC PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller service failed to start due to the following error: …”

any ideas?

Can you post the full log, please. :slight_smile:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Service Control Manager
Event Category: None
Event ID: 7000
Date: 18/05/2007
Time: 08:07:24
User: N/A
Computer: CROYDON
The NEC PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller service failed to start due to the following error:
The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at

Where is the PCI to USB Enhanced Host Controller service?

In Windows a ‘service’ is essentially a task run by the operating system, and which in this case moves data from the PCI bus (datapath) to the USB datapath and seemingly has failed to start. However looking around on the MS site and other forums it seems as thought this error message may not matter if the USB sockets work.

Your main problem is that you’re trying to push a lot of data from one external box to another. If you want the best burn speed then always burn from an internal hard drive to the external burner - like you described in post #7 and where the difference is obvious.

thanks for all your help

only thing is burning from the external drive to the external burner had the same effective speed as burning from the internal drive—it no longer does so i guess i am just trying to figure out what has changed

Do either of the external devices have a FireWire connection (in addition to USB)?

no–there is no firewire conection

I also agree that you don’t opem other applications while burning.

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