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I have read somewhere that making a copy of a DVD does not result in a loss of quality like a copy of a VHS tape does. When I read that I assumed that making a copy from a copy should give you quality identical to the original.

But I tried to make a copy from a copy using DVD Clone and it didn’t work. I tried it twice and both times the program failed about halfway through the ripping process.

Both copies I tried to copy from were very good copies in that they played flawlessly and tested well with KProbe2.

Can you make copies from copies? If you can, how did you do it, that is, what program did you use?



dvd shrink or dvd decrypter


DVD X Copy :wink:


@ Maggie99 Clone DVD should work OK I just tried it and it worked! unless the disk you are trying to copy has some Errors on the disk. To check you can use VSO Inspector . You can also make a ISO of the disk and re-burn it if you want to make a exact copy.


I tried DVD Shrink 3.2 and it couldn’t copy the copies. I tried to copy the same discs with DVD Clone and the reading stopped with errors (Data Error (cyclic redudency check)).

I also tried to open the disc files and just copy the video folder and although I think it should have worked it didn’t. I got the same type of error.

I tested a DVD copy that I tried to copy with VSO Inspector and it reported Good 100%.

At this point I suspect that my burner burns well but reads poorly. It’s a Liteon 811s. I am using the firmware that was the first one released with the ability to make all discs ROM.

So, I get great copies from originals but can’t copy copies.



Can you list your system please, the disc, you were Coping and the media you were trying to burn to .
Thank you


GA-7N400 Pro 2 with an Athlon 2600 barton just slightly overclocked to 2.26 GHz.
512 meg Simpletech generic ram ddr pc2100 at 233 fsb dual channel
2 WD 100gig hard drives
an enermax 350 PSU
video - e gforce fx 5200
win xp pro sp2
mitsumi cd burner and a liteon 811s dvd burner
a german video capture card (name begins with H but i can’t remember it)
Soundblast Audio

Media? Most of it was RICOHJPNR01. This stuff worked well with my burner. When I tried to order more I couldn’t find it. What I have now is RITEKR03 even though the packaging looked the same as the old stuff. I would use a pack of 50 of the RICOHJPNR01 and never get a coaster but the RITEKR03 is not as good. I havent tried to use it yet for making a copy of a copy because I can’t copy them.

thanks for the help



I use CloneDVD2 and DVD Region free+CSS which makes exact copies to a 4.38gb disc with no problems or loss of quality, (well they look good on my TV)

I have never had any problems, except i stupidly ticked a wrong box and ended up with the subtitles all the way through the movie, which i could not remove, had to make another disc.


Mac-1, i don’t think you can get “exact copies” unless if the disc u are copying is single layer or you are burning to dual layer discs.

I created a guide and this might be useful to u ->


I just made a copy of a copy using DVD Clone. I copied the original using DVD Clone and a RITEKR03 disc. I dropped the speed down to 6x even though the disc is 8x then after the burn I handled the disc as little as possible and did not place a label on it.

So to copy a copy can be done but what is happening with the older copies? Do they deteriorate after time and use? I would think it is the media if the ones I tried to copy tested bad but they tested fine. Is it the hardware? As I write I realize perhaps this should be in the Lite-On forum. I am going to try to rip the same DVD copies that won’t rip with my Lite-On 8llS with another DVD-ROM.



Use Decryptor to Rip to Hard Disk…Use Shrink to Re-Author…
If they already be DVD5s (thats upto 4.6Gbt) then use Decryptor to Read ISO to hard disc then Decryptor to Read (burn) to DVD-R…Works 100% every time…Why make life hard!


I used Decryptor. It didn’t work. After 21 retries I got an I/O error. Gee, MrScary when I saw your post I thought 100%! I gotta try it. Then I realized I already did but tried it again anyway and got the same results. It would have been nice.




Here you go I order these all the time and everytime i have gotten them they are ricohjpnR01


I have gotten the error (Data Error (cyclic redudency check)) or something very similar to it using nero before on original pressed disks. On originals, I always blamed this on scratches (the disk could not be read well enough), especially since with most disks after treating with plexus (a product that fills small scratches with wax and is suposed to make scratched disks read beter), the error goes away. I would sugest trying to clean the disk well with rubbing alcohol Or polish out some of the scratches if you have the means). For me, if plexus fails, I try to read and write with my liteon. Normally I read with my mad dog dvd-rom (toshiba if I recall right) and write with the liteon but if the maddog cannot read, I find the liteon is slower but a little more sensitive and able to read beter. Oops, just looked again and realized you have a cd burner and a dvd burner, not a dvd-rom and a dvd burner. Still, my guess is it cannot read the copy you are trying to make a copy of well enough (possibly because of scratches).
If you are interested in plexus its this
Check your local motercycle shops (they use it on plastic motercycle windshields, visors, fiberglass etc).
here is more info on polishing scratches if you think that may be your problem
Fyi ignore the guy that tried plexus and said it was junk. He was using sand paper on the disk and expecting it to magicly remove that. If you read on further, you will see that he tried it on disks that would not read (that he didn’t intentionally damage) and realised it works (sometimes).


I use Intervideo DVD copy 3 for copying copies without any problems.