Copy to cd write error

ok this is what i did i took decrypter and used file mode and saved all to h.d then i used instant copy to rip the movie i use ic becasue i like the main menu function that it leaves…

i use instant copy to rip it back to my h.d then convert it from a pdi to iso …

no i try nd burn with copy to dvd decrypter and nero all give me errors anyone have this prob i have updated the frimware to the newest with region free any help would greatly be apreciated

i have tried to burn it in nero, decrypter and copy to dvd and all give me error i’m using pinco dvd-rw with a pioneer a04 to test the process i have written numerous dvd with decrypter and copy to dvd

i get this error didn’t know were to find error codes

code 05 21 02 ollegal request unknow cause