I have just installed the new version of DVD toolbox and copy to DVD, since the upgrade i have been unable to write a DVD.

I have tried uninstalling both, rebooting and reinstalling to no avail. I have tried uninstalling the patin couffin drivers and re-installing them 2.

I get a write sector failed code 05 30 05, illegal request, cannot write meduim, incompatible format.

I have tried every brand of DVD know to man.

I am running a TDK 440N and Win XP

Any Ideas?:bow:

info: winxp, tdk440n, ritekg04 dvd-r media

i have the exact same problem. i was previously able to burn dvds without any problems, but now i can’t burn any (get the same error message). i’m using the exact same media as before!

i have installed visual studio .net (which should not have caused a problem) and i upgraded to the latest copytodvd and toolbox.

any suggestions? thanks!

Have you tried using +R media?
A friend has the same TDK 440N writer and wrote a Verbatim +R with CopytoDVD 2.2.10 without problems.
What was the last version that worked correctly using -R media?

Ok, previous version I was running was 2.2.6, worked fine, installed new version and it gives the error. Uninstalled the new version and re installed old version and same error.

Tried uninstalling the Patin Couffin drivers, re installing V12 etc etc.

It begins to write the disc and then errors, enough to make a coffee coaster! :frowning:

Have tried flashing the drive with the new firmware version from TDK, V1.08, same problem.

Tried +R, -R, -RW, +RW. TDK, Laser, Sony, Verbatim, Ricoh, Princo etc etc.

Have searched ALL the forums, and am still none the wiser!


So i am open to suggestions.

Thanks in advance

Are you able to burn DVD with your writer using a different burning program such as Nero?
Possibly your writer is faulty.

It worked fine until the install of the new copy2DVD, I have written data discs etc since , using Roxio which is shipped with this drive, and they are OK 2.

I can rip DVD’s, using DVD toolbox for example, it just wont burn them back.

I can burn the files back using Roxio as a data disc no problem.

I haven’t installed / removed any other software since the install of the new copy2dvd so i am sure there is no software conflicts.


So I check TDK websites again, TDK USA have the firmware upgrade 1.08 with a file size of 1.16mb yet the same file at TDK Singapore is only 576k. Whats the deal?

If you have upgraded your firmware for this drive, can you please let me know where you got the file and if it worked.

Thanks, AGAIN!!! :eek:

Completely uninstall the version you currently have installed and reboot.
Now download the latest internal release from the link below and install it, then reboot again. Now try writing a DVD.
Let us know if the new version solves the problem.
(Note to others, do not download and install this internal release if you do not have problems with the current release)
Click HERE to download.

Thanks i’ll try it.

Really appreciate your help.

Will let you know the outcome.

No go.

I think though that it is a firmware problem. I checked a couple of the discs i had burned and they don’t work.

The last disc i recorded that worked correctly was before i upgraded the firmware, origional one was the one as in the drive when purchased V1.05, i upgrade it to V1.08, which went through with no probelms.

I burnt a couple of discs since which all said they burn correctly, but when checked were all un readable.

So i believe that it is not a software issue now as orgionally thought.

So now i am at a loss what to do.

If anyone else has has this problem, let me know.

Thanks for all your help.

I unistalled EVERYTHING, all burning programs all drivers etc etc.

Then reinstalled Roxio, software that came with the drive, it burnt a full DVD no problems.

So from this i am assuming that it is in fact a copy 2 DVD problem after all. Am going to re-install it and try again.

Fingers crossed…

hey ss75

still have same problem ??? cause i also own tdk 440n and did a test no problems just was curious that is all …

Yep still problems. Starting to think it would be easier to just go and buy a new burner!!!

hey ss75

check your private messages …I sent you one …well hope to hear from ya …

ss75, i did everything EXACTLY like you…kinda freaky eh? anyway, i have all the same problems as you and have not been able to resolve them either.

i previously had v2.2.6b which worked perfectly! all of my burned dvds played fine. i installed 2.2.10 then every disk was a coaster. i tried to upgrade the firmware 1.08 also but had the same problems.

i COMPLETELY uninstalled copy2dvd and have given up on it. i am still able to burn a dvd-video using the roxio creator classic (that came with the burner). just create 2 directories (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS) then put all of the files into the VIDEO_TS directory. burn just like a data dvd disk and it should play just fine.

my computer and both dvd players (toshiba and apex) recognize the disks properly as dvd-video.

hope that helps. if you find out any more info with this problem, please let me know…but after about 25 coasters, i’ve given up on copy2dvd.

byoon …

i actually have tdk 440n and working with him started tonight and going to try to get him up and going but will keep you posted …

byoon …

what is yoru board and what chipset drivers ??? and what other software do you have installed … ?

Originally posted by giovanni42104

i actually have tdk 440n and working with him started tonight and going to try to get him up and going but will keep you posted …

Why on earth does this have to take place off-site? Why can’t we all follow the prgress of this issue? For goodness sake, if you take it off-site by all means do so, WITHOUT telling us. And do us the courtesy of informing the result.

btw, portmac is one of the most experienced Blindwrite advisors around. Members with difficulty would do well to stay with this thread.

giovanni42104 - last chance to do this the clever way.

I actually feel giovanni is being very kind by offering off site support. It’s a whole lot easier - INSTANT messenging rather than do - post - wait - and follow steps.

I see nothing wrong with this - Tax was even fine with this, wasn’t he?? :confused:

sorry future …

yes i agree portmac is good i ran tests for him …and I was asked by other party if i had problem and just doing it in private messages to see if we both have same problem … well if we find the results of course we are going ot post it …but thought it would be easier to spare the failures on our part … that is all and taken up space …

i thought i was doing it clever way ? last chance ? I have done nothing wrong …and changed to how you all like it no offense … cept that one part i wrote working with him cause we have same drive and same prob …

oh we are using the private messages part too that the forum uses … .

still kinda clueless … just trying to find what is different thati s all …

sure i will get all kinds of greef again for helping but i didnt take it offsite just in private messages …now how is that offsite ? and then posted some results …and as far as portmac I work with him on problems at times