Copy tiberian sun

I made an image file with blindread, burned it with cdrwin and I made a crack using cudilla, and it still doesn’t work!!What am I doing wrong?? (Clonecd is not compatible with my burner, a teac r58s). And does anyone know a site where I can download new units and structures for Tiberian Sun?


TS is copy protected so you’ll need a crack to make it work, this crack you can find on

It is protected by safedisc, but if u can manage to create an exact 1 : 1 copy u don’t need a crack. To bad clone cd doesn’t work. U could try and see if Duplicator is compatible with your burner.
I copied tiberian sun with Duplicator and I do not need crackz.

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Godamnit “hacker”, stop posting crap replies with that damn site!