Copy Store bought DVD to HD on 5045?

Well after finally getting the 201 hack installed I am finding that
I am becoming diissapointed.

I just wanted to verify what I read in a previous post that you
cannot make a copy of a (store bought DVD) directly onto your
hard drive from the 5045 dvd drive.

You have to use either a external dvd player or break the
copy guard on your computer with software program.

Is there any other way to do this??

I am only wanting to load dvds onto my hard drive so
can watch at my leisure.


Just one more question. If you use an external drive such as 5005 can you use the copy function on the 5045 to copy to the hard drive or do you have to copy as you play the entire dvd?


Storebought DVDs generally have copyguard built in.

You do have a “fair use” right to make your own backup copies of discs you bought, but not of ones you rent.

To do this, tho’, you need to have something that will defeat the copyguard.

A “filter” device between the player and the recorder is needed, or either the recorder or player need to be altered in some way.

There is a hack that worked with early versions of the 5005’s firmware, and would allow it to record copyguarded material.

This would not, I believe, allow it to PLAY a copyguarded disc into another device without the copyguard being an issue. (In other words, it’d record copyguarded material, but I don’t think it’d “filter” the copyguard signal out of a disc it was playing into another recorder.)

Maybe someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

If there’s a hack that will allow the 5045 to record a copyguarded disc, you could try it, but I don’t know if such a hack would work for the hard drive. It might work for the DVD recorder only.