Copy speed too slow



I recently bought a laptop and then bought online the CopyDVDtoDVD program.

I succeeded in burning a DVD, but the copying speed to the hard drive was a painfully slow 2X. How can I safely speed up the copying before I actually burn the DVD?

FYI: Under CopyDVDtoDVD’s Properties, the Shortcut tab shows the Target as \Program Files\DVD Shrink\DVD Shrink 3.2.exe". So, exactly which brand of software did I buy?

Much thanks. :confused:


Looks like you bought a piece of freeware, meaning you were conned.

Do you know what model your DVD writer is & what IDE channel it’s attached to?


Hopefully you can get a refund. If you want to copy dvds there is really no need to buy anything. You can get perfectly good results with freeware programs. Try dvd rebuilder, dvd fabdecrypter, dvd decrypter and there are many tools out there that are totally free.


It is also very possible that your laptop drive has a riplock which slows down the copy process when reading some DVDs. When you get the drive model back to us someone here with laptop experience will likely be able to confirm this. The good news is that you can add an external drive, Liteon 16P9S is very fast, and enclosure for under $45, provided you have USB2.


I would immediatly contact the scumbags who sold this software to you and Demand a refund along with giving them a royal A$$ ripping. Shrink has been a free program forever. Not Cool!! :a


Unfortunately we will probably see more of this now that the author of Shrink is busy elsewhere. All the more reason to spend time here. There is most likely no recourse as the sellers provided just what they said they would. The damages would be between Shrink and the seller.


The DVD reader/writer is an NEC DVD+RW ND-6650A. I have no idea what an IDE channel is. The laptop is a brand-new Dell Inspiron 6000.

Looks like all of you were right about how I was ripped off when I paid for the DVDShrink3.2 software. The website where I bought it claims to have a money-back guarantee. When I opened the program a few minutes ago to try to find the info you were requesting, a window popped up that said: “This software may only be licensed free of charge. If you were charged for this software, please report the violation to: Internet Fraud Complaint Center, U.S. Department of Justice.” :doh:

So, I’ll try to get my money back and file a complaint.

In the meantime, what DVD copying software that includes a decrypter should I use? My laptop came with Sonic Digital Media LE, but it lacks a decrypter.

Much thanks.



Sorry to hear you were scammed. The shortcut you are clicking is apparently starting up a popular program called DVDShrink. This program is freeware. It is often considered one of the best programs at compressing DVDs, and is most often used to help fit a standard “dual layer” DVD that you have bought onto a DVD-R or DVD+R DVD that is only a single layer disc. It is also a “ripping tool.” And, it can be used to do some basic “reauthoring,” especially where you would like to delete some of the extras, unneeded soundtracks, subtitles, etc., so that it is easier to fit the content onto a single disc.

It is 100% free. You can find dozens of locations all around the web where you could download it, probably in less than 10 minutes, in most cases (maybe even less than a minute, depending on your type of internet connection.)

The author is no longer updating this program in any way. It has been widely reported that he was hired away by Nero to work on some of their programs, and of course this may have included an employment clause that forced him to simply abandon his creation. Still, it remains very popular, and is widely used, and freely available.

Curious side-point to all of this… DVDShrink has no burning capabilities. It can rip, but it cannot actually burn, on its own. However, it does have a popular feature where it can automatically start another burning program, and automatically begin the burning process, to make the entire procedure more of a “user friendly one-click” procedure. It can only do this with two programs though…

1- Nero Burning Rom, which is a commercial “paid” program
2 - DVDDecrypter which is another popular freeware program.

So, I am wondering… did this jerk include a copy of Nero Burning Rom with your purchase (which would be as illegal as hell, of course, and Nero could go after him the instant they decided it was worth it to pursue this, or that it was important enough to pursue this, and make his life a lot less friendly…)

Or, did he include a copy of the freeware program, DVDDecrypter, which is another program where the author has had to abandon any future updates, due to his own legal situation. If this is the case, he is probably thinking neither author would ever bother to come after him, since they have both had to “give up” on their own creation, and basically abandon them.


If it were me, I would begin to try to get every penny of my money back. I hate getting scammed.



I don’t know what other software the bonehead included. Nothing says Nero or DVDDecrypter when I run the program, which does include options for setting compression levels, de-authoring unwanted features, etc. Near as I can tell, during the “Analysis” step, the copy protection is removed. The program contains everything one needs to copy a copy-protected DVD because I’ve done it. The copy played fine in my laptop DVD player and in my Marantz player.

I have e-mailed the vendor about getting a refund and how he/she is illegally selling free software. This is the website:

Also again, what DVD copying and decrypting software should I use in place of the one I bought? :confused:

Thanks for everyone’s help.


The DVD reader/writer is an NEC DVD+RW ND-6650A.


It looks like you may have been supplied with other apps as well as Shrink will not handle the modern copy protections in place. Typically people use either DVD Decrypter (free) or ANYDVD (not expensive & with regular updates) to crack the DVD’s protection.

Try shrinking a newly released DVD & see what happens.



Back to your original question, your drive is riplocked. You can get a firmware that will fix this here:

The best ripper id DVDDcrypter but it is no longer supported so AnyDVD is the next best choice.

You concerns got a little sidetracked so make sure and post back if you have additional questions. Also, make sure you read all the concerns with flashing firmware in the firmware forum.


Same thing with my laptop drive. Seems they are slower at reading especiall DL discs and anything recorded.


Like chas said…Riplock.


To Sportfish: I’ve been playing e-mail tag with the seller,, who’s a real scumbag. This loser said in his last e-mail:

"We do not re-sell or license software downloaded from other sites. All
software is freeware and/or shareware.

We provide an organized website with links to third party software. Our
club provides FREE Peer-to-peer software, DVD Copy Backup, MP3 Players,
Movie Players, CD Burning Software, Online Music Search, Lyrics,
Internet Radio, Pop Up & Spyware Removers, VIP technical support,
ratings suggestions and more. When you become a member of this website
you are agreeing to receive technical support and ratings and
suggestions we provide for software."

But, when I opened the website, this is what I read:

"[SIZE=2][SIZE=1]DVD Decrypter with EasyDVDx[/SIZE][/SIZE]Are you wasting hours trying to Decrypter DVDs using inefficient and extremely difficult to use software with little or no success?

That’s why we created this software. You’re about to discover the holy grail of DVD copying software. No matter what kind of DVD you want to copy, this software is the one for you, and in some cases, it’s downright amazing."

There is nothing about joining “an organized website…” until after paying, when I received an e-mailed receipt welcoming me as a member.

I’m not optimistic about getting my $39.95 back. Stay tuned. :cop:


:frowning: - dats bad. I didn’t think pplz will get this low. $40 for a organised list of software that is free - now dats stupid.


Hey Boulder… Don’t feel to bad. I got sucked into something very simular a couple of years back. I screamed enough at the A$$Holes and did finaly get my money refunded. Hope these Dorks get yours back to ya. Just keep threatening to report the S.O.B.'s and hopefully for you, they’ll respond. Good Luck


Although I first posted a question about improving the DVD copying speed on my new laptop, the conversation soon shifted to how I had been conned into buying a bundle of freeware for burning discs. The good news for all of you who commented is that I got my money back: $39.95. So, thanks for your suggestions, both about the copying speed and the freeware scam. :bow:


Excellent!!! :clap: