Copy Spaceballs Zone 1 with DVDFab Gold?


I have an old DVD Spaceballs by Mell Brooks which is Zone 1 and my laptop is Zone 2. I can watch the DVD on my DVD player which is zone 9 but not on my laptop.

I tried to copy it with DVDFab Gold but can’t watch the result. I tried to use DVDExpress and then DVDFab Gold and the result was the same.

I can copy my Zone 2 DVDs.

Laptop Fujitsu-Siemens S7010, DVD writer: MATSHITA UJ-820D on zone 2


Region 9, huh? Lol, if Region 8 is International Venues like cruise ships & aircraft… then your laptop must be from outer space or something, right? :eek:

No, le DVD player connected to the TV is DEZONED (= Zone 9) but the laptop in NOT “dezonable” and is stuck on zone 2.


Hello rodrub

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What version of DVDFab Gold do you have :confused:
The lates verion is which BTY if you do not have you can download it from HERE do a back up with the new version this should do the trick, but if not let us know and we shall go from there OK :smiley:

Tim :cool:

Hi Tim,

I answered your post on the other thread . I’ll stop this one so that all the info will be on the same thread.