Copy software will not read encrypted sources

Hi All,
I am having such a simple problem that there must be a simple fix.
I have 2 stand alone computers. Each have identical problems…
When using copy software for encrypted software (I’ve been using my ps1 original game to try and make a back up ), the writer cannot read the source correctly.
The cd burners on each computer read erratically and although they eventually make the image, the final written data is not complete and the game will not work.
When writing standard data there are no problems at all.
I have tried different copy software such as Nero, Alcohol, Recordnow max, Clone cd…All have similar problems
Both my computers have 2 hard drives and 2 cd’s (1 is obivoulsy a burner… Yamaha and Ricoh)
I’ve changes primary to secondary and masters to slaves etc.
I have changed IDE cables etc …
It does not appear to be a copy software problem.
It does not appear to be a hardware problem…
I am running xp pro on both computers and it appears to be something missing here ???
Everything else works fine !

Please help as I’ve spent a few weeks getting nowhere!

>something missing here ???

Yes, you could try reading some of the guides and Tutorials to get a feel for what’s happening.

PS1 is dead easy if your reader can read subchannels and error skip is off (or auto)

Thanks for your comment Future proof.
Both my pc’s can read subchannels, and error skip has been either on auto in the case of alcohol and clone and manually set as you suggested with Nero.
Any other suggestions ?


Another thought that may assist you guys in helping me…
I never had any such problems when I ran Windows98SE.
nor did I have problems when I upgraded to xp from 98.
The problem only appears to have occurred since I did a clean install with xp pro a few weeks ago.

Sounds like an ide problem,

did you have specific motherboard ide drivers for win98?

Thanks Hanfra,
No I did not have specific drivers when using win98.
Your comment about the IDE is consistent with the Alcohol people.
I sometimes got a read error with alchol (especially when manually selected to read slowly) that apparently indicated and IDE problem.
That was the reason I replaced the 2 IDE ribbons.
I also took the cd drives off as secondary’s to the hard drives and placed the 2 hard drives together as primary and secondary as is now the 2 cd drives… no difference !
One motherboard is an Asus P4B533 with 2.4 ghz and the other is an older Compaq p3 488mhz. I’ve only used the drivers that came with both.
Both pc’s are networked together although I can’t see why that matters.

Thanks .
Any suggestions?

Check that everything’s in DMA mode (off the IDE controllers in DM)

Make sure you have 40-pin / 80-conductor cables

I think you’re on the rights track future proof.

One of the secondary slaves continued to only go into ipo mode.

I’ve updated tHE IDE drivers but now I can only see one of the devices on each of the channels. (there is no longer an advanced section when I look at the primary and secondare IDE’ properties?
I’ll chase up some new drivers from the motherboard site and get back to you…
Any other ideas?