Copy several DVDs (small movies clips) to one DVD using NERO 7 - PROBLEM


I just bought NERO 7 Ultra Edition and I have some problems.

I want to be able to copy several DVD’s onto one DVD and I do this through the Backup Icon and select ‘Copy Multiple DVD-Video Movies to One’.

I go through the process and select the DVD videos from three DVDs (click and drop into the DVD-Video Files folder) and then once completed, click on NEXT to burn. It then prompts me to re-enter the original DVD, which I do and it does a check and then prompts me to put in the blank CVD to burn. What about the other DVDs that I inserted to burn?

Because of this, it does not burn the DVD correctly and NERO does not function correctly.

Is there another way or a correct way to burn several DVDs onto one DVD so that I can view it in a DVD player and PC? :confused:

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Look at this guide using Dvd Shrink: I think the most important thing to remember is copy the dvds to your HD first in separate folders.