Copy select chapters for newb

Hi! I’m new to this game and have what may be a dumb question. Currently I have DVDShrink and DVD decrypter installed on my PC. What I want to do is copy only select chapters from the source dvd – not the whole movie. From what I have read so far I’m not sure I have the right stuff to do this. Can anyone tell me if it can be done (and how) with what I have or is there other software I need to buy or download. Thanks a lot….

You do, in shrink go to reauthour DVD, then click the button to edit start/end frames. A new window pops up that lets you step through the film to where you want the movie to start/end. There is no reason you can’t start at the beginning of chapter 3 and then end at chapter 5. If you want to copy all but chapter 5 you could set it to work 0-4 and then a seperate copy of the movie for 6-end.

Pain in the arse method, but should work.

Great. One other question. Would this process work to mix select chapters from various dvds into a new “mixed” dvd? If not, what is the process. Thanks for all your help!

not with dvdshrink.

each of your selected chapters will have there own vob set, i use dvdlab to create a working dvd from multipul vob sets.

edit: just to add if you use dvdlab (which has a free 30 day trial) go to dvdrhelp and search for reboots guide.

You can use Chopper XP to extract scenes from your dvds. Then you can use GUI for dvdauthor to create the dvds. Both programs are free, but the only one i’ve used is chopper XP. ako is right about dvdlab (which i have used), but the learning curve is steep so you defintely want to read the guides. I suggest the gui program because its free. You can get it here