Copy seems darker

Perhaps my eyes are going but I’ve noticed that with the current version of CloneDVD2 some of my copies seem to be a touch darker than the original and this seems regardless of media. I’m generally using Ritek, Sony and even CompUSA cheap media and have noticed it on all 3 types. Has anyone else seen this or am I losing it? I’m running a P4 2.4 Sony Vaio with a Sony DRU-710A burner.

do you see this happening even when there was no compression in creating the copy?

Are you using Clonedvd to read and write?

I have this problem too and the way i find around it, is to use another program to burn the files made by Clonedvd. A small, free, clean program i use is dvd decrypter.

Give this a go and see if it improves the darkness!

You are kidding, right? The same files burned by different apps cause different brightness? This is very woodoo-like!

I havent tried to burn with different apps but was curious if such a darkening voodoo-like phenomena can result if the original is compressed. May very well be my eyes wanting to see a difference between the original and the compressed copy.

Lol, i know it’s strange and perhaps it is an illusion but whenever i use CloneDVD to write it seems too dark.

Copying the film to the hdd, shows perfect light, so i know it’s not the reading part. YOu already know how impressed i am with that part. It’s just the writing, always seems darker than any other program.

The problem is i cannot watch a copy from your software and a copy from another software at the same time, as i simply don’t have the means to do so. I have to swap discs etc, which may all just add to the illusion. I got caught once, when this program DID burn too darkly using my Pioneer 106d writer. It was so bad, dark films were unwatchable. Since then it has been fixed, but i guess i don’t trust it anymore.

DVD decrypter has never been a problem, so i have just stuck to it! Silly maybe, but i do not have time to make bad backups!

I am no guru, but how can a DVD be darker by burning with different software? I don’t know how it works, but I know DVDs simply store DATA files which are read by the DVD player. I doesn’t actually contain tiny frames of people moving!!!

If the DVD disc degrades, or if there is a bad burn, the DVD player would simply not read it and error may occur (it may skip, or there may be blocks, etc.) You must be confusing it with the film or other analog technology.

Obviously, the quality of the DVD will depend CloneDVD2 and the compression rate. But once the DVD image is done, burning it with difference software will not make it brighter.